Quality Framework

The LiveHealthyCanberra Quality Framework has been developed to ensure that all programs and services included on the directory meet baseline standards. The quality framework below outlines the criteria upon which programs and services are assed to demonstrate that they are evidence based and provided by high quality practitioners and providers.

Program Eligibility, Effectiveness and Appropriateness

1. Program or Service Types eligible for inclusion in the LiveHealthyCanberra directory

The LiveHealthyCanberra directory is focussed on programs and services which provide lifestyle modification opportunities to residents of the ACT and surrounding areas. Programs and Services included in the directory should assist people to access and participate in programs that address identified lifestyle risk factors for developing preventable chronic illness, namely: nutrition, physical activity, weight management, and social participation. Programs addressing alcohol, gambling and smoking will be included in future updates of the directory.

2. Criteria required for programs and services to be eligible for inclusion on LHC local database

  1. Programs and services should meet the following requirements in order to be deemed eligible for inclusion in the LHC database:
    1. Programs and/or services featured on the LHC website should be of a high calibre and be evidence based (See definition “Evidence Based”)
    2. Programs and/or services offered through a not for profit/philanthropic organisation should have program leaders who have undertaken minimum training requirements as deemed suitable for the delivery of the specific program by the parent organisation
    3. Programs and/or services operated by private providers should have program leaders who have undertaken training or achieved qualifications through an accredited training provider (TAFE/Vocational education/University/Higher Degree)
    4. Where the program or service is provided by a health or fitness professional, the practitioner should be eligible for registration with the appropriate registration body or professional association
  2. Where none of the above requirements can be met, evidence should be provided for the origins of the program or service, assessment on whether the program or service meets criteria for inclusion will be undertaken by the LiveHealthyCanberra management committee. If you would like your program or service to be considered for inclusion in the LiveHealthyCanberra directory, please complete the Quality Assessment for Programs and Services form and email to lmpd [at] chnact.org.au. Evidence documents should include:
    1. Demonstration of a scientific basis or approach to the development of the program
    2. Evidence of evaluation demonstrating that the program has been proven to provide health benefits to the participants, resulting in potential improvements in lifestyle factors which contribute to the reduction of risk factors for the development of chronic disease (See definition Lifestyle Modification).
    3. Evidence of training or qualifications of the program provider
  3. Programs and services related to weight management where the program or service requires the consumer to purchase a specific product or branded program are excluded from the LiveHealthyCanberra directory.

Program Risk and Safety

3. Evaluation of risks associated with programs and services represented on the LiveHealthyCanberraWebsite

  1. Where appropriate, programs and services represented on the LiveHealthyCanberra directory should meet requirements for accreditation/affiliation with the auspicing organisation, or appropriate professional body
  2. Programs deemed eligible for inclusion on the LiveHealthyCanberra directory should have appropriate public liability insurance in place and be able to provide evidence of this if requested
  3. Program and service providers should indicate appropriate advice around the nature of the program and advise that potential clients should seek medical advice prior to undertaking a physical activity or diet program
  4. The LiveHealthyCanberra directory provides information that is up to date at the time of most recent update and takes no responsibility for content of programs and services provided by organisations represented on the site
  5. Program and service information is provided to the LiveHealthyCanberra directory by program and service owners or via the National Health Services Directory

Access and Equity Considerations

4. Assessment of program characteristics to evaluate accessibility of the program or service

  1. Programs and services represented in the database should, where possible, provide information that would allow a potential client to make a thorough assessment of the suitability of the program or service to their individual needs. This includes information about the following:
    1. costs and/or memberships required
    2. disabled/wheelchair accessibility and services
    3. prerequisites for access to the program
    4. hours of program operation (where possible)

If you believe that you have a program or service that you feel should be represented on the LiveHealthyCanberra directory, please make an application using the Program Registration and Quality Assessment form, found on the Registration Information page.


Evidence Based

Programs recognized as evidence-based have demonstrated the highest level of evidence of effectiveness based on one or more of the following criteria:

  1. Program methods are proven to be effective through scientific rigour, preferably having the methods submitted to examination under double blind randomized trial conditions or other high level scientific trial conditions (longitudinal study, large case-control study) where the results have been shown to be repeatable and results for the participants have shown no negative or harmful outcomes.
  2. The program has evidence of research and expert opinion, either for the specific program or for the approach/basis of the program.
  3. There is evidence that participation in the program or service has demonstrated successful outcomes for the prevention or reduction of chronic disease risk factors

Lifestyle Modification Program

Lifestyle Modification Program relates to structured, action-oriented health promotion initiatives designed to help individuals improve their health, reduce health risks and promote healthy behaviours.

Lifestyle management programmes can target a range of different health concerns and areas, such as physical activity, stress, smoking, and nutrition. They are used in a variety of different settings, however most commonly in workplaces and community or public health initiatives.