Health Professionals

LiveHealthyCanberra has been designed to assist Health Professionals with guiding their clients towards making healthier lifestyle choices.

Connecting services with the needs of patients

Health Professionals can use the LiveHealthyCanberra directory as part of a patient consultation when it has been identified that the patient may be at risk of developing a lifestyle related chronic disease. This might be through a formal risk identification process such as the AUSDRISK tool for assessing risk of Type 2 Diabetes, identification of a person with hypertension, hyperlipidemia, high Body Mass Index(BMI) or just through discussion with the client and overall assessment of their current lifestyle.

The LiveHealthyCanberra directory provides connection with programs and services that might assist someone with a pre-existing condition who could benefit from beginning to participate in regular physical activity, or improve their diet and overall nutrition.

LiveHealthyCanberra provides a direct link between talking with a patient about making changes to their lifestyle in order to reduce their risk of lifestyle related chronic disease and finding a practical way that the patient can begin to make those changes - right from the point of consultation. 

As a practitioner LiveHealthyCanberra will help you to:

  • locate Physical Activity opportunities close to where the client lives or works 
  • find an activity that suits the particular physical needs of a patient - such as a local walking group
  • search for more clinical opportunities to improve capacity for physical activity, such as Hydrotherapy
  • find a Dietitan, Nutritionist or healthy eating program to assist a patient with learning how to make better choices around food and nutrition
  • locate a Diabetes Educator who can assist someone to better manage their Diabetes diagnosis
  • link patients with groups that might assist them to get out and be more active through social participation

Evidence Based Local Service Information

You can be confident that the programs and services on LiveHealthyCanberra are high quality programs that have been assessed under quality guidelines for lifestyle modification programs.

A key feature of LiveHealthyCanberra is that programs and services are required to meet quality standards that have been set by a stakeholder group, ensuring that programs and services represented on the directory have adequate qualifications and rigidity around the service. If you would like to view the Quality Framework for LiveHealthyCanberra please click here.