Included below are the answers to some frequently asked questions about the LiveHealthyCanberra directory. If you have a question that has not been answered below please submit your query via the Contact Us page.

Are there any costs associated with using the LiveHealthyCanberra directory?

No – the directory is free to search and no memberships are required. You can use the directory as often as you like to find programs and services that suit your needs. However, some programs and services featured on the directory will have fees and/or memberships associated with participation. Please refer to individual listings or contact the provider for more information about fees and/or memberships associated with programs and services.

If accessing the LiveHealthyCanberra directory from a mobile device, carrier data fees may apply. Please contact your telecommunications provider for more information.

For program and service providers, there is no cost associated with listing your program or service on the LiveHealthyCanberra directory.

LiveHealthyCanberra is offered as a service to the Canberra community with the support of funding from the ACT government.

Why are there no smoking, alcohol, gambling and mental health programs included on the Live Healthy Canberra directory?

At this stage the LiveHealthyCanberra directory is focussed on physical activity, nutrition, and social inclusion programs and services. In the future the directory may expand to include programs and services around smoking, alcohol reduction, gambling and mental health. If you are interested in these programs and services being represented on LiveHealthyCanberra please let us know by making a suggestion via the contact page.

I coordinate a program or service that I believe should be listed on the directory – how do I apply to register my program or service?

You can find information on applying to register your program or service by selecting the Programs and Providers tab in the top right hand part of the screen and clicking through to the Registration Information page.

Why is there an assessment criteria to register to be included on the LiveHealthyCanberra directory?

The LiveHealthyCanberra directory is designed to provide links to high quality, evidence based programs and services being offered in the ACT. For this reason, assessment criteria is required to ensure that providers of programs and services meet our quality standards. The Quality Framework for programs and services represented on the LiveHealthyCanberra directory can be found by going to the Programs and Providers page and clicking through to the drop down called Quality Framework.

 What if my program or service does not meet the requirements of the assessment criteria?

The assessment criteria has been developed to ensure that all programs and services represented on LiveHealthyCanberra are of a high quality. If you believe that your program or service is based in high quality evidence and your application has not been thoroughly considered, you may apply for special consideration. LiveHealthyCanberra will work through any submissions that do not meet the requirements with the applicant to assist them in understanding why their program does not meet the inclusion criteria.

 What if the information about my program or service in incomplete or incorrect?

Please let us know by using the Contact Us page, specifiying the nature of your enquiry in the heading of your query. The LiveHealthyCanberra team will be in touch to confirm your changes. Much of the information on the LiveHealthyCanberra website has been sourced directly from the National Health Services Directory(NHSD). If your information is correct on the NHSD, then it should also be correct on the LiveHealthyCanberra site. If you have a listing on the NHSD, ensuring that this information stays up to date will ensure that your listing information on LiveHealthyCanberra will also stay up to date. 

 As an employer, how can the LiveHealthyCanberra directory benefit my employees?

LiveHealthyCanberra features a range of services and providers that are able to provide workplace based physical activity opportunities, health assessments and health education. As an employer you can use the directory to find services that you can engage to come into your work place and provide healthy lifestyle information to your staff. Alternatively you can promote the LiveHealthyCanberra directory to your employees as a place where they can go to find a program or service that is close to work or close to home that will help them to increase the opportunities for improving their health.  For further information use the search term ‘workplace’ or select  ‘Workplace Health’ in the advanced search tab. You can also find information on supporting the health of your employees by visiting http://www.healthierwork.act.gov.au/