Employers and Workplaces

LiveHealthyCanberra can help employers and workplaces find opportunities for staff to make healthier lifestyle choices - both inside and out of the workplace. 

Searching the LiveHealthyCanberra directory using the employment health category will highlight programs which provide services designed to help your employees make healthier lifestyle choices and reduce their risk of preventable chronic disease. 

There are many programs and services that can come to your workplace and conduct healthy living workshops, lunch and learn sessions, group fitness classes or cooking demonstrations - just to name a few. There are also programs and services which have a focus on helping people to return to work after an injury or manage stress arising from their job.

Employers can play a role in helping to support the health of their staff by encouraging them to take an active interest in reducing their risk of chronic disease through participation in physical activity and healthy eating.

The types of programs and services that employers and workplaces might find useful include:

  • staff health education programs
  • cooking and healthy eating demonstration opportunities
  • workplace based group fitness such as yoga or bootcamp
  • rehabilitation for workplace injury
  • services that operate nearby to your workplace where staff can be physically active during their breaks